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Thanksgiving as nurses

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate and give thanks to everyone around us. As nursing students and nurses we often don’t get appreciated. How many patients just keep screaming at us for not getting them a drink, while we told them multiple times that the doctors order was NPO. How many times are we getting orders from doctors, at the same time as the patients ask for a pillow, meds etc.

As we sit down for our thanksgiving dinner, we should all feel pride in what we do. In a profession that is exclusively designed to helping others, we are frequently unappreciated and ignored. Many times the doctor seeing the patient for max 5 minutes gets the thank you and the appreciation.

On that note, as you sit down to your thanksgiving dinner, be proud of what you do. Understand that there are families sitting down to dinner tonight, that would not be around if not for you.

Wishing a happy thanksgiving to everyone and their families.

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