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The Benefits of a Career in Nursing

1. You can move anymore. Most people are tied down to a location based on their jobs. However, when you are a nurse, there will always be a hospital/doctor office/medical office that needs a nurse. It may not be in the field you specifically want-but you can always find yourself a job.

2. It comes with benefits. Being a nurse (full or part time) almost always comes with full benefits like full health insurance coverage, PTO, sick time, and a retirement plan. This is something that can save you a lot of money and will benefit you and your family

3. You can always switch. If for instance, you became a property manager and after ten years you wanted to switch, it would be hard to jump into another field or job. As a nurse, if you worked inpatient all your life and then wanted to switch to outpatient, you can. If floor nursing is too tiring, you can do telemedicine. If you do not like obstetrics, you can do pediatrics. The sky is the limit.

4. It will never die out. Unfortunately, people will always be sick. Therefore, the career of nursing will never “die out”, and there will always be a need for nurses.

5. You can work a variety of shifts. As a nurse, you can work full time, part time, or per diem. In addition to that, one can work a day, night, or even mid shift.

6. You can always advance you degree. If after a few years, you decide to advance your career-you can. There are so many master’s degree options that will give you more knowledge, a different job, and more money😊

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