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Scared to start nursing school?! How to prepare yourself before:

Did you get your acceptance letter into nursing school, heard how hard it is, have time to prepare for it, but don't know how?!?

That was me, I had time before school but no idea where to start. Here are my tips to you to help make school a little easier by preparing before.

1. Know your medical terminology- many people have experience in the medical field before going to nursing school. So, if you do-skip to number two. For those who have no or very little medical background, it is very important that you get your medical terminology down back. Medical terminology is something that comes with practice and exposure. In clinical's, no one is going to stop and explain the conversation between two health care providers to you. Also, many teachers assume you have your basic medical terminology down pat, and they teach accordingly. My opinion is to get a medical terminology book like these one (click picture below), which will start from the beginning and explain everything (something most teachers wont)

2. Get your life together- in nursing school you are going to have zero (or barely any) time for yourself and to do your regular things you like to do. So, say for example you always go and use your Sunday's to buy groceries and shop for clothing, try other ways. Like, maybe order from amazon with 2 day prime. That will save you time getting dressed to go out, shopping, and unpacking. Those 2 hours you just saved, you could use to study for 2 hours, and go to sleep at a normal hour. Another example is meal prepping. If you are the type that always cooks big meals for dinner, try alternatives. Try crock pot dinners, making bulk dinners and freezing them, or buying "pop in oven" foods like fish sticks and chicken nuggets.

3. Invest in a good laptop/tablet- this can make all the difference. You are going to be constantly using your computer. You need to know how to use it, and organize all your files. I personally love my surface tablet/laptop. It is a tablet that can be turned into a laptop- so a 2 in 1. I do not have the newest version, but its much cheaper (300's), works great, very light, and easy to use. I love it, and highly recommend it. (click picture below)

4. Head to toe assessment- this is something that is very important and is not spent much time practicing it in school. In real nursing practice, you need to always assess your patient. Whether it be a full head to toe assessment or a partial one, you need to know what to look for and what your hearing quickly. In real life practice, you are not going to have a patient in pain sitting there calmly letting you listen to their lungs without moving or talking. I suggest buying a Littmann stethoscope and practicing listening to heart and lung sound in the correct positions on all your family members, so you have it down pat when it comes to practice. (click picture below)

5. RELAX. Do not study or review one week before starting school. It is good to go into school relaxed, and with a clear mind. If you study all along before school and review information, you will be tired of studying mid semester (which might happen anyways:) ) and it won't help you in the long run. Nursing school is hard, intense, but doable. Give yourself a break, do what you can, and the rest will work out.


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