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New grad hospital job hunting- why it’s so hard to get a job

As a nurse grad, I graduated all excited and ready to start my first job. Then reality came: almost all the jobs require a year of experience and the few that don’t, you can’t get into unless you have connections/pull.

It seems like the system is backwards-I can’t get a job because I need a year of hospital experience, but no one is willing to give me that first year.

I was determined to get a hospital job, and spoke to many recruiters and managers and here’s the reason why from their perspective:

If we hire new grads: 1. It costs us a ton of money 2. We usually don’t get back what we put in.

Meaning: we pay you a full salary, we pay preceptors to train you, and we pay another nurse to do your job while your being trained (which in some floors like the ER, can be a year). In general, it would be a good long term investment. but with new grads, they take any job to get one year experience and then they leave to the hospital they really wanted to get into.

So all the time we spend time interviewing you, orientation, training, and all the money-has all gone to waste. And yes, we can ask you why you want to work here and if you will stay here, but in reality everyone always says the right answers on a interview.

So, at the end of the day, I hear them. But, what should I do? (Check our next blog)

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