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4 Tips to be Productive during Covid Quarantine

Hey guys. I haven't posted in a while, since because of the Covid pandemic my job in the emergency room, my kids not in school, while my online master program still continues. I just wanted to stay thank you to all the health care workers and essential workers who selfishly put themselves and their families on the line.

I know the weather is getting nicer, and though people are going out more, there is still a lot of quarantine restrictions in place. Here are 4 things you can and should do at home that will help you keep busy and active all at the same time:

1. Workout- there are countless of free workout videos (whether you like cardiac, toning, pilates, or strength training) on YouTube that you can access at any point of the day-all while in your pajamas:) Not only does this help with weight lost, is great for your cardiovascular system, but it is also extremely important for your general emotional self also.

2. Cook- now is your time to try and cook healthy. It is very hard to eat healthy if you have a budget, all the more so if you don't have time to make foods. So now in quarantine, try your favorite oatmeal bar recipe or butternut squash soup that you never got to make before. All recipes can be found online for free. Also- now is the time to freeze for later when you do go back to work and do not have the time to cook.

3. DIY- (Do it yourself)- there are hundreds of DIY videos and blog online and on YouTube that show you how to do all the things you have been paying someone else to do. For example-doing your nails, painting your house, reorganizing/redecorating your home, or even cutting your own hair.

4. Everything Else- what I mean by this is do all those things that you never had time to do. So many people say I thought of this invention but never had time to......or I always wanted to get a extra certification but never had time to study... or I wanted to start an online business but did not have time to look into how to do it. Do it all now. Research, gain knowledge and skills, all while helping your future. And most importantly- don't be afraid of failure. Everyone experiences many failures before the success that the world (and you) see.

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